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Teeth Whitening in Reedley

04.10.2017 in Teeth Whitening, Tooth Stains

Common Causes of Tooth Stains in Reedley If you want to have the beautifully whitened smile you have always dreamt of, then you should come to see us at our dental practice, Mark Luzania DDS for teeth whitening in Reedley; our expert dentist, Dr. Mark…

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Reedley Teeth Whitening

17.10.2016 in Cosmetic Dentist, Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentist in Reedley Do you find yourself looking at the mirror and wishing that you had a white her and brighter smile? If so, we suggest that you visit us at our dental practice, Mark Luzania DDS, where our dentist, Dr. Luzania will be…

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