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Cosmetic Dentistry

CEREC One-Day Crowns

In a typical dental practice, receiving dental crowns is a long and often uncomfortable process that can take several weeks to complete. However, our Reedley dental office uses CEREC technology, which enables us to scan, design, and mill beautiful tooth-colored crowns in one day. Imagine coming into our dental office to receive a crown and walking out the same day with a strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing crown already in place. Call Dr. Luzania in Reedley today for more information!

Porcelain Bridges

A porcelain dental bridge is a permanent dental appliance used to replace a missing tooth (or missing teeth). Porcelain bridges are used to fill in gaps between teeth and restore function to the bite. If you are interested in replacing a missing tooth or teeth, call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Luzania.

Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown (or cap) is a tooth-colored covering that encases the entire tooth’s surface, restoring it to its original shape and size. A porcelain crown protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be restored with fillings or other types of restorations as well as teeth that have received endodontic treatment (a root canal). Please call today to learn how you can benefit from crowns and aesthetic dentistry.

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

Porcelain inlays and onlays, or partial crowns, are so called because a full crown is not needed to restore the damage or decay that has affected the tooth. This service is for cases in which a tooth has decay, but the decay has not destroyed all of the healthy enamel of the tooth. The porcelain inlay or onlay acts as the missing part of the tooth and is fitted and placed to complete the naturally-grown tooth. Please call today to learn how you can benefit from porcelain inlays and inlays with Dr. Luzania.

Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain veneers are designed to help your smile look its best. Porcelain veneers are shaped and custom-made in a dental laboratory. When the dentist bonds the porcelain veneers to your teeth, they can make your smile beautiful and flawless. Porcelain veneers can enhance your smile by:

  • Repairing chipped or worn teeth
  • Correcting crooked teeth or misshapen teeth
  • Lightening severe discolorations/stains on teeth
  • Fixing the size of teeth that are too small or too large
  • Closing gaps between teeth

Please call today to learn more about how Dr. Luzania can use porcelain veneers to improve your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Like many people, you may feel unhappy about the color of your teeth. Maybe you have even tried over-the-counter bleaching products with little to no success. You need an effective way to remove the stains that give your teeth that dull, yellow appearance. With our custom whitening system, you can achieve that brilliant smile you have been dreaming of! We will create custom whitening trays to give you the beautiful, radiant smile you’ve always wanted. For more information on whitening or cosmetic dentistry, call Dr. Luzania in Reedley today.