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Dental Emergency in Reedley

01.11.2017 in Cracked Tooth, Dental Emergency

Treating a Cracked Tooth in Reedley Don’t leave that damaged tooth untreated. That’s akin to rolling the dice on your oral health. Which is something you’ll never win at. Ultimately, it’ll always get worse. Which means it’ll feel worse. Head over to Mark Luzania as…

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Teeth Whitening in Reedley

04.10.2017 in Teeth Whitening, Tooth Stains

Common Causes of Tooth Stains in Reedley If you want to have the beautifully whitened smile you have always dreamt of, then you should come to see us at our dental practice, Mark Luzania DDS for teeth whitening in Reedley; our expert dentist, Dr. Mark…

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Reedley Cosmetic Dentist

05.09.2017 in CEREC Crowns, Cosmetic Dentist

CEREC Crowns in Reedley CEREC crowns are an easy way to have crowns done in the shortest amount of time by our Reedley cosmetic dentist. Our same day CEREC crowns can be used as a temporary fix until a permanent crown is given, or to…

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Reedley Dental Office

09.08.2017 in Reedley

Affordable dental care in Reedley Don’t deprive yourself from proper dental care just because you’re tightening the purse strings. If you look hard enough, affordable services can be found anywhere. In fact, you just stumbled on the perfect place. Contact Mark Luzania and visit his…

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Reedley Emergency Dentist

05.07.2017 in Reedley

Causes of toothaches in Reedley Toothaches make it difficult to focus on anything else, don’t they? At the office of Mark Luzania DDS, we want you to know what the causes of toothaches are, so that you can work with our Reedley emergency dentist to…

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Reedley Root Canal

08.06.2017 in Reedley

Importance of oral hygiene following a root canal in Reedley At the offices of Mark Luzania, DDS, we specialize in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Patients who need a Reedley root canal may come in at any time for an appointment to check on their…

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Reedley CA Affordable Dentist

05.05.2017 in Dentist, Reedley

Affordable dental care for all ages in Reedley CA If you are looking for a dental practice that provides complete dental care, you will want to come to our office, Mark Luzania DDS. We believe that all patient should be able to receive the dental…

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Reedley CA Family Dentistry

06.04.2017 in Uncategorized

Dental care for all ages in Reedley CA Dental visits should be a regular part of your year. People of all ages should see the dentist about once every six months, so the next time you schedule a dental checkup make sure that you make…

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Reedley CA Dentist

28.03.2017 in Dentist, Reedley

Bonding in Reedley CA Feeling self-conscious about your smile? So much that you don’t dare share it with anyone out of fear of being embarrassed. That’s no way to live life. You deserve to feel confident enough to share the fullest expression of you—no matter…

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Dentist in Reedley

02.02.2017 in Dentist

Veneers in Reedley Having cosmetic imperfections of any kind can be disconcerting and discouraging. Many people with cosmetic problems feel a lack of self-confidence in their daily lives. Cosmetic problems can manifest in a variety of forms and many people suffer from cosmetic issues that…

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